Creation of a group

Formal creation of a New Group, following the submission of a written request from the students of a new university to Junior Enterprises Italy. The Group is instructed and introduced to the practices used by a specially trained team.

Birth of a Junior Initiative

After an initial training phase, the New Group can send its application to the Junior Initiative. A Junior Initiative is characterized by a well-defined organization chart and a usual internal structure, in addition to having developed a vision and a mission that are precise and useful for growth in the following years.

Approval to Junior Enterprise

Not earlier than one year a Junior Initiative can make a formal request to Junior Enterprises Italy for approval to Junior Enterprise. A newly created Junior Enterprise will therefore already be characterized by a precise planning of commercial activities, a minimum economic base and a sufficient number of successful projects.

Italian Junior Initiatives

A Junior Initiative (JI) is a team of students who work to become a JE. This is a transitional phase in which the new-born group is able to consolidate internal processes and structure commercial and administrative dynamics that will make it sustainable in the long term.

The purpose of a JI is to slowly approach the labour market; the members, through experiences and errors, will increasingly refine the organization, to prove themselves valid and abandon the status of Junior Initiative.

To encourage this training process, Junior Enterprises Italy, from year to year, continues to propose new programs to simplify everything.