The aims of a Junior Enterprise

Learning by doing

Belonging to a Junior Enterprise allows you not only to put into practice what you study day by day at the university, but also to always learn something new, taking new challenges.

Problem Solving

It is one of the most important capabilities in the labour market and it is given by a good stress management together with a strong  goal orientation. Experience is the best way to improve one’s propensity to manage stress.


 It is the first quality of a Junior Entrepreneur: it is not only a balance between self-initiative, proactivity and willingness to risk everything for a purpose, entrepreneurship is a vocation: entrepreneurs are born, not made!


Within a Junior Enterprise you work in a team context by relating to people with different backgrounds but with the aim of achieving the same goal.

Soft Skills

Leadership, management of interpersonal relationships, customer orientation, planning, organization are some of the essential features for a successful career; having work responsibilities already during the period of study allows to increase these transversal skills.


A Junior Entrepreneur can improve itself and, through experience, grow both from a professional and a personal point of view.

Italian Junior Enterprises

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JEBE, born in 2016, is the Junior Enterprise of the prestigious Sant’Anna School of Pisa, winner of the “Best Junior Initiative 2017” award. The association offers consulting services aimed at the business segment, such as cost analysis, market analysis, event organization, website creation and CAD modeling.

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Founded in January 2016, JEBO is the Junior Enterprise of the University of Bologna. We support local companies providing them highly personalized services and helping them to grow and to concretize positive results. We primarily work with Start Up and PMI, to which we offer services such as market research, business plan, strategic and digital consultancy, event management

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JEBS Consulting, founded in 2012 at the University of Sannio, operates in the field of business consultancy, especially for the realization of marketing plan, websites development, implementation and validation of business model, in support of Startups and businesses.

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JEBV is the acronym for Junior Enterprise Business Verona: it is a no-profit organization with headquarter based in Verona (Italy) and it’s composed and run exclusively by universities students, which provide high quality services for companies and institution. Our main goal is to deliver high-quality projects to the market, developing the entrepreneurial mindset of our members with new challenges. We constantly seek highly personalised solutions for our clients who need support services in corporate management, IT, marketing and communication. Our corebusiness services are, for example, marketing consultations, marketing plans, communication strategies, advertising campaigns and social media marketing.

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JECA is the first Junior Enterprise of Sardinia, founded within the University of Cagliari in 2015. JECA has focused on two different Core Businesses, but perfectly in line with the figures available to us within the University, in particular: Consultance and support for Start Up (Business and Financial Plan, Marketing and Communication Plans, Realization of Regional calls); Design and realization of events. To support the activity with the external public, there is also a strong and intense work of internal training, entrusted to professionals and professor of the University and also to the associate.

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Founded in 2012 at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, JECatt, Junior Enterprise Cattolica, is today the second most promising Junior Enterprise in Europe and boasts the “Most Sustainable Development” award received in 2018. It provides services to companies at 360º: from market analysis to business plans and marketing plans, as well as online branding together with the company’s promotion, and legal advice.

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JECoMM, Junior Enterprise Communication & Marketing Milano, was born in the University of Milan in 2007. It deals with communication and marketing at 360° with particular attention to the digital and social environment. It also provides services of brand and reputation management and event planning.

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JEF Naples was founded in 2018 by a group of students from the University of Naples Federico II. It offers strategic consulting services to local companies, startups and SMEs, supporting them in their continuous growth. The activities are of different types and range from the creation of business plans to market analysis up to communication strategies and marketing plans.

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JEflo was born in Florence in 2016 and is composed by students enrolled at the University of Florence, with the aim of offering services to local businesses by exploiting the knowledge of the students acquired during the course of studies. JEflo offers business plan services, blog management, market research, event organization, social network management, marketing plans drafting Business analysis, strategic planning, strategic market analysis, drafting of the forecast budget

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Founded in 1995 at the Carlo Cattaneo LIUC University of Castellanza, JELIUC (Junior Enterprise LIUC) is responsible for carrying out quality market research, carrying out any event in detail and providing business advice, especially in the development of business ideas and models. creative and innovative.

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JELU Consulting is the Junior Enterprise of LUISS Guido Carli University based in Rome, it was founded in May 2016. Our services are mainly addressed to SMEs and start-ups and are linked to two sectors: marketing consulting with the creation of marketing plans, the management of social media and the creation of websites through wordpress platform, while for business consulting, we develop business plans, break even analysis and service to start-ups focused on those in the pre-seed phase.

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JEME Bocconi Studenti is the Junior Enterprise of Bocconi University. It was founded in 1988 by 6 students and it is the oldest JE in Italy. At the moment its services are being offered both in national and international context, to all kind of firms such as sartups, SME and global companies. JEME provides assistance in a wide range of issues, such as the creation of a Business Plan or a Company Restructuring. All Associates are motivated in their daily work by values such as learning by doing and enterpreneuership.

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JEMIB is the Junior Enterprise Milano Bicocca and was born in October 2016. Just one year after its birth, in October 2017, the Junior Initiative was promoted to Junior Enterprise. Its core business is marketing and offers companies a wide range of services, ranging from strategic, marketing and business development, to legal, to digital and communication.

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JEMP was born in 2014 within the Politecnico Milano

The wide range of disciplines and study programmes that our university promotes, allows our association offer consultancy services in different activity areas.

Creativity and technical skills that we combine in each project shall ensure quality and uniqueness. Our services develop in four main areas. Design : brand identity and product design, Business : business plan and business model, Marketing : communication strategy,  IT : websites building and other online tools development.

Altogether in our projects, courses and other moments of training fulfill a dynamic and attentive spirit to all our associates, in order to guarantee smart professional personalities.

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JEParma was founded in 1996 as the Junior Entrprise of the Parma University. Today, the business core of the Junior Enterprise is made of the following tasks: event planning: we focus on the advertisement, organization of events and meeting. Market analysis: targeting different market segment, we allow our clients to reach the ricght customers. Social media marketing: we help our client in developing a business identity, implementing social media caimpaigns. Advertising: By building personalized advertising plan, we help companies in reaching their business goals.

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JESic is the Junior Enterprise of Sicily, based at the University of Palermo. Specialized in the digital innovation of SMEs, it makes ICT services its core business. Web development and social media marketing are its flagship offer, together with legal and commercial advice for all innovative start-ups that are preparing for the creation or search for financing. The ultimate goal is not only the professional acceleration of its members but also to contribute significantly to the sustainable and innovative development of the local productive fabric, in line with the values and ideals promoted by the Junior Enteriprise movement.

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JEst, Junior Enterprise of University of Padua, was founded in 1993 in Vicenza, within the Management Engineering faculty born 3 years before. It distiguishes itself by event planning and by the development of game based simulation, through which companies and students can increase their expertise in project and risk management, lean production and skills evaluation, according to the “learning by doing” principle.

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Established in 2004 JET ESCP Europe is a non-profit organization entirely managed by students of ESCP Europe, the world’s first business school. The Junior Enterprise supports its clients in adding direct value to their businesses and generating growth by combining practical expertise with academic knowledge.

In subsequent years the association has grown by providing services to numerous companies in a multi-national context, as well as establishing partnerships with leading corporations and consulting firms. JET ESCP Europe opened its offices in London, Berlin and Madrid by 2018.

Core services of the JE include international market; competitor analysis, business planning and financial modeling.

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Founded in 1995 in Turin, the Junior Enterprise of the Polytechnic of Turin was established to organise the first Northwest Work Show for students of the Polytechnic. Today it is made up of students from both the Polytechnic and the University of Turin and is mainly involved in offering services to startups, SMEs and event organizers. It offers services of: Information Techonology, creation of websites and applications; Graphics and Brand Identity, videomaking, Social Media Marketing campaigns, Press Office, and the complete organization of internal and external events, in collaboration and/or on behalf of companies.

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Founded in 2015, JETN is the first Junior Enterprise of Trentino. It makes the personalization of services its key feature and stands out for offering particular support to star-ups and small businesses, dominant in the region in which it operates.

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