Junior Enterprises

A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization entirely managed by the students of the best Italian universities. It is organized as a small company and interfaces with different entities (e.g. companies and institutions) to work with them or for them on different types of projects, including different fields of application.

In this way students can develop soft skills that typically are not acquired during university studies. A Junior Entrepreneur is not paid, but the Junior Enterprise invest compensations coming from projects in specific training for its associates, in order to guarantee them a set of experiences and skills able to overcome the gap between university and labour market.

The members of a Junior are chosen, through a selection processes built with experts that reflect the excellence values of JADE Italia.

JE Europe: The European Movement

The Junior Enterprise movement is widespread throughout Europe: there are 14 National Confederations (including JE Italy) that coordinate about 365 European Junior Enterprises.

The National Confederations are brought together under by JE Europe, the umbrella organization that, from its headquarters in Brussels, draws common guidelines and organizes training activities for more than 30,000 associate students. JE Europe, communicating directly with international institutions and partners, contributes to the growth, consolidation and promotion of the European network.

Italian Junior Enterprises


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